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Understanding Ozone Formation – How The DV3000 Can Help.

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Poor air quality, of which ozone formation is a key part, has been linked with many health issues.

Ground level ozone formation occurs due to the interaction between VOC’s, NOx and sunlight.

Whilst this is a natural reaction, ozone formation has drastically risen due to the increased amounts of precursors at ground level, caused by man-made activities.

The DV3000 real-time mobile gas analyser is unique in the market as it can measure multiple VOCs, NO, NO2 and O3 simultaneously at low ppb levels, increasing the users’ understanding of this process and potentially aiding in the development of strategies aimed at reducing ozone formation.
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Terrible gas leak enforces the need for appropriate monitoring equipment.

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The Guardian reports today of a terrible tragedy in India where a substantial leak of styrene gas has caused the death of at least nine people with hundreds hospitalised as a result. Styrene is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen and when inhaled can cause severe gastrointestinal effects, respiratory problems and and epidermal irritation. In a factory surrounded by a large populous it is important to understand where the gas has dispersed to ensure the safety of first responders, workers and the general public alike. Events such as these highlight the importance of having suitable monitoring equipment to detect these leaks and then monitor the wider dispersal. To read the entire article click here to take you to the Guardian website. For further information on how Duvas Technologies can help with your monitoring needs contact us at enquiries@duvastechnologies.com.