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August 2020

Understanding Ozone Formation – How The DV3000 Can Help.

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Poor air quality, of which ozone formation is a key part, has been linked with many health issues.

Ground level ozone formation occurs due to the interaction between VOC’s, NOx and sunlight.

Whilst this is a natural reaction, ozone formation has drastically risen due to the increased amounts of precursors at ground level, caused by man-made activities.

The DV3000 real-time mobile gas analyser is unique in the market as it can measure multiple VOCs, NO, NO2 and O3 simultaneously at low ppb levels, increasing the users’ understanding of this process and potentially aiding in the development of strategies aimed at reducing ozone formation.
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Duvas Technologies welcomes Dr. Ebénézer Tetsi to the team.

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We are happy to welcome Dr. Ebénézer Tetsi to Duvas Technologies to join our team of Technical Engineers. Eb as he likes to be known obtained his PHD in the search for new thermoelectric and magnetic oxide materials using experimental and computer modelling techniques. Since he completed his PHD he has worked in the gas analysis industry. Eb will be a great addition to the team as we focus to  build more DV3000’s and develop Duvas Technologies. Outside of work he spends is spare time enjoying folk music, being a scout leader and playing football.