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Are you responsible for monitoring air pollution inside your facility or at the perimeter fence line?

Duvas launches pledge to tackle global benzene emissions…

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Do you need to know the exact location of gas pollution events in your city?

Why accurate reporting is key to tackling global air quality…

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Do you need accurate and precise gas monitoring data to help meet the demands of legislation?

Pioneering study highlights need for consistent air quality monitoring…

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Been promoting the DV3000 both on social media and the conferences…. very positive response at CASANZ both in Australia and NZ groups. The DV3000 has definite unique market space.

Benchmark Monitoring, Australia

Combining high-resolution GPS, ppb-level values, graphical interface, intuitive controls and “stand-alone” possibility make it a measuring solution which was not available until now.

DCMR EPA, Rotterdam

The first time we used the product, it paid for itself.


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    Air quality is continually in the headlines around the world. See here the latest news from Duvas.

    March 29, 2021

    Oil Refinery Fire in Indonesia Leaves Locals Questioning Their Health.

    The horrendous scenes in West Java, Indonesia of an oil refinery explosion and fire have reignited discussions over safety at these facilities as well as the effect on local residents...
    March 10, 2021

    DV3000 Used in Rapid Response to Recent Cold Snap in Texas

    In February Texas was plunged into sub zero temperatures across the state causing many issues for the public and businesses alike. The onset of this cold snap meant many oil...
    Case StudiesNews
    December 16, 2020

    Landfill Gas Odours, Do You Know What You’re Emitting? Paper now Released Open Access!

    Duvas Technologies partner with the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University and the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Centre, utilising Duvas’ novel technology to understand ammonia fluctuations across a landfill...