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Introducing the DV3000

Our next-generation solution for multi-species gas analysis, the DV3000 produces real time readouts coupled with geographic mapping of gas concentrations. Measuring a large range of gases visible in the UV spectrum, proprietary algorithms report parts per billion (PPB) concentration levels, typically every second per species.

The DV3000 currently retails at US$70,000 – US$90,000 depending on configuration.

For more information, download our product brochure below.

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Corporate Animations

View our latest animations to see how the DV3000 works and why it sets the standards in measuring multiple gas species – all in one compact, easy to use device.

This is a real-time machine.

We have developed a new approach for multi species gas analysis in fixed and mobile applications, producing rapid real time readouts coupled with the geographic mapping of gas concentrations.

DV3000 Technical Overview.

Find out how the DV3000 works and why it beats the current solutions for measuring multiple gas species, all from one compact device.

What is Benzene?

Almost everyone is exposed to benzene on a daily basis – whether outdoors, in the workplace or at home. But with the World Health Organisation reporting there is “no safe concentration”, understanding more about this proven carcinogenic is essential to minimise unnecessary human contact.

For more information, download our ‘what is benzene?’ infographic below.  

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The Duvas Technologies guide to benzene

While significant progress in ultraviolet spectroscopy technology has made detecting real-time benzene concentrations achievable, global emissions legislation continues to prove disjointed. However, with millions of people worldwide exposed to harmful levels every day, is benzene set to be the next asbestos?

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