About Duvas

The DUVAS Mission is to provide:

Customers with services and product to easily and rapidly monitor air pollution whenever and wherever required around the world.

Duvas was conceived as part of research activity at Imperial College London. Later moving to Queen Mary Bioenterprises (QMB) innovation centre in East London it is now located in Banbury, United Kingdom.

Continually evolving over these formative years, Duvas’s research and development has focussed on gas detection methods using ultraviolet light for the detection of pollutant gases at ppb level. Duvas has successfully made the cultural move from academic to commercial and has a genuine desire to raise and support global awareness of the need for improved air quality.

Our distributors.

Duvas’s commercial operations provide air quality services and products across the globe. We work with distributors to reach a variety of customers and applications, including governments, local authorities, light and heavy industry, manufacturing plants, transport and shipping infrastructure and environmental groups. Please feel free to contact our fully trained distributors and to discuss your needs.

Get in touch.

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