About Duvas

The DUVAS Mission is to provide:

Customers with services and product to easily and rapidly monitor air pollution whenever and wherever required around the world.

Duvas was conceived as part of research activity at Imperial College London. Later moving to Queen Mary Bioenterprises (QMB) innovation centre in East London it is now located in Woking, United Kingdom.

Continually evolving over these formative years, Duvas’s research and development has focussed on gas detection methods using ultraviolet light for the detection of pollutant gases at ppb level. Duvas has successfully made the cultural move from academic to commercial and has a genuine desire to raise and support global awareness of the need for improved air quality.

The Duvas Team

The team are energetic and vibrant. With a diverse, experienced and complimentary skill we share the same ambitions for company growth and success and we dont waste time when new ideas and opportunities come along.

Steve Billingham

Steve joined Duvas in 2017 after 27 years with Geotech UK, where he was Managing Director from 2009. Passionate about new technology and with a track record in global sales but always keeping an eye on the financials! His pragmatic outlook and results orientated approach bring new energy to the Duvas team.


Tim Wise

Tim joined Duvas after 20 years with the MarketingFile group, which he founded and of which he was Finance Director, a role combined with spells as both MD and Technical Director. Prior to this, he worked as group financial controller with Sempernova PLC, a boutique biotechnology company, and Kuoni Travel Ltd as management accountant. Experienced in small business development, private equity funding and IPO’s, Tim has a degree in European Business Studies.


Richard Green
Lead Software Developer

Richard joined Duvas in 2016 after 17 years in IT with SSE in Application Development and Design, Architecture, Strategy and as an Enterprise Architect. Previously he has held Technical Design and Management roles in Power Engineering and Telecommunications. Richard is a Chartered Engineer and has a degree in Electrical Sciences from Cambridge University.


Tayyaba Rizvi
Senior Applications Engineer

Tayyaba joined Duvas in 2016. She has a Masters in Chemistry and has previously worked in the petroleum and jewellery sectors, advising and assisting clients to meet British and EU regulations. Her experience with quality control in an accredited environment has aided Duvas in transitioning from an academic project to a reliable commercial application.


Dr. Zhiyong Zhang
Senior Engineer

Zhiyong joined DUVAS in 2012 after more than 10 years R&D career in the field of FTIR spectroscopy, spectrum measurement, medical image analysis and medical modality. As a lead system service designer and software lead, he worked in the R&D department of X-Ray and Imaging information system in GE Healthcare. Currently, he focuses on the system design of gas analytic instrument with UV spectroscopy and develops novel multi-component gas detection technologies for VOCs and AQM gases at PPB level sensitivity.


Jordan Clark
Applications Engineer

Jordan started working with the Duvas team in February 2017, after coming from a commercial sales environment alongside a degree in Chemistry. With a keen interest in the mechanical and optical properties of the current product, he has forged new analysis and testing parameters. Jordan has also been in the field assisting with sales, with the commercial drive to power Duvas through 2017 and beyond.


Corina Beer
Software Developer

Corina joined Duvas in 2016. Previously, she was working as a software engineer for more than three years, writing applications in C++ for Windows and Embedded systems (CE and XP) to control medical devices. She is passionate about programming in C++ and very keen to learn new technologies. She brings her experience in the full software development life cycle, from requirements to design, implementation, testing, release, and maintenance, and also her five years’ experience as a research scientist(following her PhD degree in biophysics where she was applying mathematical and computer models to proteins and bacterial DNA).


James Matley
Global Sales Executive

James joined Duvas in October 2017, previously he worked at Geotech UK as territory manager for the Asia Pacific. Extensive travel and experience gained during employment at Unilever, Colgate and Nestle have developed strong commercial awareness in sales and marketing. James has a Biology BSc and spends time at the gym, swimming and watching films.


Careers at Duvas

Why not consider a career with us?
Duvas is looking to grow rapidly and has opportunities at many levels including:

  • Sales management with an emphasis on distribution channel management.
  • Marketing, ideally with experience of promotion into a multi-national environment.
  • Technical and development, ideally with experience in optical or analytical instrumentation.

Please send your up-to-date CV, indicating your main area of interest to careers@duvastechnologies.com and we will be in contact.

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Our distributors.

Duvas’s commercial operations provide air quality services and products across the globe. We work with distributors to reach a variety of customers and applications, including governments, local authorities, light and heavy industry, manufacturing plants, transport and shipping infrastructure and environmental groups. Please feel free to contact our fully trained distributors and to discuss your needs.

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