Case Studies

Landfill Gas Odours, Do You Know What You’re Emitting?

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Duvas Technologies partner with the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University and the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Centre, utilising Duvas’ novel technology to understand ammonia fluctuations across a landfill site in Shanghai in a first of its kind study.

Odours are commonly associated with landfill sites and they can affect the air quality for nearby residents. In this study the aim was to monitor these emissions across an entire landfill site over different seasons using our DV3000 real-time mobile gas analyser.

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Understanding Ozone Formation – How The DV3000 Can Help.

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Poor air quality, of which ozone formation is a key part, has been linked with many health issues.

Ground level ozone formation occurs due to the interaction between VOC’s, NOx and sunlight.

Whilst this is a natural reaction, ozone formation has drastically risen due to the increased amounts of precursors at ground level, caused by man-made activities.

The DV3000 real-time mobile gas analyser is unique in the market as it can measure multiple VOCs, NO, NO2 and O3 simultaneously at low ppb levels, increasing the users’ understanding of this process and potentially aiding in the development of strategies aimed at reducing ozone formation.
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