DV3000 Technology

The Technology behind the DV3000

The DV3000 uses an ultraviolet light source, which enters the sample chamber and makes multiple passes between mirrors. The light passes through the chamber and any gas species which is present. Each species has its own unique absorption spectrum, like a fingerprint, and this is detected by the spectrometer and converted via complex algorithms to identify each individual species present at its concentration. The detection method is rapid and requires no expensive chemicals or coolants and will not require repeat calibration.

The DV3000 on Android.

Real time air quality monitoring demands easy to see data and the ability to rapidly determine the location of pollutant gas species and levels. The DV3000 Android app allows fast, simple connection to the DV3000 product and when enabled with GPS, real time visualisation of the survey route complete with precise location of gas leak or pollution. Files can then be stored or sent electronically for further analysis and review. The DV3000 app allows a map or satellite view with full zoom functionality.

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